Cornucopias-Harvest Baskets-Wine & Cheese

Ethnic food art, cuisine, scenes of bounty and abundance in scenes of wine and cheese, overflowing harvest baskets and cornucopias. Painted in the 'Old World' or 'Old Masters', still life technique. Kitchen backsplash tile murals and decorative art tiles.

Themes of feast, banquet, rich abundance, plenty, or nature’s bounty with wine art and cheese, ethnic food art cuisines, cornucopias, fruit and vegetable harvest baskets. Also, shots and salsa happy hour or game time scenes, fully personalized wine bottle, vineyard labels.
Customized layout ideas and designs in the engaging still life or "Old World, "Old Masters" fashion.

The commissioned tile paintings shown below feature examples that were coordinated and developed with input and suggestions from the client to create tile art murals that have been fully customized just for them.
Sized to fit their space requirements and complement their home décor, decorating, kitchen or backsplash remodeling.

Food art harvest basket tile murals that showcase abundant, regional Italian, Mediterranean produce, foods, red and white wines, cheeses.
Cardona’s Italian Mediterranean Bounty (two paintings featuring red wine and white wine)
Feast and banquet, Puerto Rican cuisine, bounty and abundance.
Cookie’s Puerto Rican Bounty (with installation photo)
Classic Greek cuisine, wine, cheese abundance with whimsical chef cherub blessing the food.
Allison’s Greek Cuisine (with installation photos)
Classic still Life or Old World style paintings featuring and celebrating wine art with grapes and appetizing wine, cheese, bread spreads.
Classic Still Life (several paintings)
Cornucopias, harvest basket abundance and and plenty with ornate serving pitchers of wine and drink, backsplash tile murals.
Serving Pitcher Cornucopias (several paintings with installation photos)
Scenes of Italian inspired rich cuisine, vineyard and garden produce, wine and cheese plenty, abundance.
Italian Plenty Wine & Cheese (two paintings)
Fruit harvest baskets laden with fresh, organic orchard fruits and wines from the vineyards.
Fruit Harvest Baskets (several paintings)
Scenes of Greek and Mediterranean inspired rich cuisine, vineyard and garden produce, wine and cheese bounty or abundance.
Greek Plenty Wine & Cheese (two versions)
Various painted tile murals with scenes of tequila shots, beer, cerveza, chips and salsa, hot sauces for happy hour, game time snacks.
Shots Salsa Chips (several paintings with installation photos)
Colorful Calico cat portrait bottle label along with harvest basket containing superabundance of garden produce.
Chateau Calico Kitty-cat
Coho Salmon Bountiful Harvest features coho salmon, wine, produce of the Puyallup, Washington State region.
Coho Salmon Bountiful Harvest
Diannes Sparkling Cider Harvest Basket of plenty, abundance. Wicker garden harvest basket overflowing with fruits, vegetables, sparkling cider, bread, cheese.
Sparkling Cider Harvest Basket (with installation photo)
Grapes Harvest Basket, green, purple, red grape clusters and grape leaves in wicker basket.
Grape Bunches Harvest Basket (with installation photo)
Kanishka and Marias Basket of Plenty, large cuisine variety from India and South America combined in a melding or fusion of native cultural foods and fare.
India & South America Cuisine Fusion
Lindas Spain Cuisine Bountiful Harvest, bounty of fresh produce, spices, wine and cheese essential to Spanish cuisine.
Spain Cuisine Bountiful Harvest
New Mexico Harvest Basket, foods, spices of the Albuquerque region with Southwestern Pueblo pottery and turquoise jewelry accents.
New Mexico & Southwest Pueblo Abundance
Potjie South African Horn of Plenty tile mural. Afrikaans cast iron pot and horn of plenty filled with traditional South African produce, foods and fare.
South African Horn of Plenty & Potjie


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"Julia was wonderful to work with, very accommodating and even matched my fabric colors and swatches for my clients kitchen backsplash."
-Mike B.

"Julia did an amazing job and is very busy. She communicated well with the list of wild flowers and pictures I sent her, of the blooms here at our home."
- Ann P.

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