Allison’s Bounty Greek Cuisine

Whimsical chef cherub hovering over classic Greek themed cuisine, wine and cheese. Decorative kitchen backsplash tile mural.

Olive leaves and branches, grape vines and grape leaves in the background.
Foods and produce shown in the painting are: red and purple grape clusters, lemon, lime, avocado, apple, figs, olives, olive oil, bread, Manchego and Picon Bejes-Tresviso cheeses.
Custom designed and hand painted on 6 inch ceramic tiles.
Dimensions of the painting are: 36 inches wide x 18 inches high.

“Hi Julia. The house is done!! The mural was so nice we decided to use it inside rather than in the outdoor kitchen. It’s beautiful!! We get a lot of compliments on the mural. Thank you! We’re very happy with how it all turned out - Allison".

Allisons Greek Cuisine Wine Cheese Bounty, red wine with bread, Manchego and Picon Bejes-Tresviso cheeses, hovering little chef cherub, regional fresh produce. Painted tile mural by Julia Sweda.
Allison’s Bounty Mural
Allisons Greek Cuisine Wine Cheese Bounty, closeup of the installed tile mural with beautiful blue tile border. Artist Julia Sweda.
Installed 1
Allisons Greek Cuisine Wine Cheese Bounty Backsplash Tile Mural, view of kitchen decor with background field tiles set on the diagonal. Artist Julia Sweda.
Installed 2


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"Julia was wonderful to work with, very accommodating and even matched my fabric colors and swatches for my clients kitchen backsplash."
-Mike B.

"Julia did an amazing job and is very busy. She communicated well with the list of wild flowers and pictures I sent her, of the blooms here at our home."
- Ann P.

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