Ukiyoe-Woodblock Print & Orientalia Artworks

Customized adaptations of many Japanese master artists. Artworks based primarily on the history and culture of the feudal, Edo period of Japan and other Orientalia. Decorative tile art, tile murals and painted glass.

Artist Julia Sweda offers customized, personalized, designs and adaptations based on the great Japanese ukiyo-e, woodblock print, urushi-e, musha-e style painters. Beautifully detailed paintings of scenery and landscapes (sansui-ga), Zen garden, koi water gardens, mon or kamon emblems and family crests.

Most captivating are the portraiture of beautiful young women and courtesans in various settings (bijin-ga). A painting of note is of oiran enticing a young samurai in an artistic license adaptation/combination of Torii Kiyonaga’s “The Bush-Clover Garden” and Hosada Eishi’s “The Courtesan Takikawa".

Some of the painters covered by Julia’s paintings are Hiroshige, Utamaro, Masanobu, Eizan, Kunisada, Toyonobu, Chikanobu and Jakuchu. Their works are fully customized and colorized to add depth with vibrancy to already wonderful, timeless works of art.

Covering other Orientalia related artworks are a detailed, ornate, portrait of a young maiden of the Bai ethnic minority of China and “Druk” the Bhutanese Thunder Dragon.

Various Japanese cultural motifs and symbolism centered around koi, cranes, wisteria, blooming sakura.
Koi & Cranes (two versions)
Elite courtesan, oiran, enticing a young samurai, with geisha, maiko and their attendant, tea-girl servant.
Oiran Enticing Samurai
Chikanobu Chiyoda Palace scene with beautiful Inner Hall women, blooming wisteria and koi.
Chikanobu Triptych Bijin & Koi Bath (with installation photo)
Several scenes based on the woodblock prints and art of master Japanese ukiyoe artist Utagawa Hiroshige.
Hiroshige Landscapes (several paintings)
Adaptation of the remarkable Ito Jakuchu Rooster Sunflowers Morning Glories painting.
Ito Jakuchu Rooster & Sunflowers
Bijin-ga Beautiful Women scenes, ukiyoe and woodblock print portraits of women and their lifestyles in Japanese Edo period art.
Bijin-ga Beautiful Women (several paintings)
Zen Garden with weeping Sakura tree seen thru Shoji doors, sacred knots, paper chain, kamon symbols.
Yuko’s Zen Garden Kitchen (with installation photos)
Japanese decorative mon designs or emblems, differing from family or clan crest kamon or mondokoro.
Decorative Mon Tiles
Sansui-ga Landscape Scene Japanese bath decor shower tile mural with mountains, river and waterfall.
Sansui-ga Landscape Scene (with installation photo)
Druk the Bhutanese Thunder Dragon, prominent in Tibetan and Bhutanese mythology.
Bhutanese Thunder Dragon (with installation photo)
Mounted samurai warrior on charging black stallion in battlefield combat, depicted in Musha-e style or method.
Battlefield Samurai Warrior (porcelain portrait)
Ornate portrait of a young maiden of the Bai ethnic minority group of China.
Young Bai Girl (porcelain painting)
Two glass painting depictions of woodblock prints from artist Utagawa Kunisada.
Utagawa Kunisada Scenes (two glass paintings)
Ukiyoe Kitchen Tiles, portraits based on woodblock prints from Utamaro and Kunisada.
Patricia’s Japanese Motif Portraits (with installation photos)


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"Julia was wonderful to work with, very accommodating and even matched my fabric colors and swatches for my clients kitchen backsplash."
-Mike B.

"Julia did an amazing job and is very busy. She communicated well with the list of wild flowers and pictures I sent her, of the blooms here at our home."
- Ann P.

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