Logan’s Pueblo Pottery Chimenea

Outdoor chimenea installation with tile art depictions of Arizona and New Mexico-Southwestern Pueblo Indian tribe pottery pieces.

Pieces shown are primarily from Arizona and New Mexico Pueblo Indian tribes of San Ildefonso, Hopi, Santa Clara, Acoma, Hopi-Tewa.
The potters represented are: Marie Zieu Chino, Maria Montoya Martinez, Rainelle (Rainy) Naha, Joy Navasie, Maria Margarita “Margaret” Tafoya.
Custom hand painted on 13 x 13 inch porcelain tiles suitable for exterior installation. Installed above a chimenea or chimea, outdoor stove.
Julia’s Pueblo Pottery Designs original design also shown.

Logans Chimenea Southwestern Pueblo Pottery. Hopi, Santa Clara, Acoma, Hopi-Tewa and San Ildefonso pieces. Artist Julia Sweda.
Chimenea Mural
Logans Chimenea Southwestern Pueblo Pottery exterior tile mural installed above a chimea stove. Artist Julia Sweda.
Chimenea Installed
Julias Southwestern Pueblo Indian Pottery Designs, Styles. Depictions of Arizona, New Mexico tribal pottery pieces. Painted tile art mural by Julia Sweda.
Original Version of Painting


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