Radiant Oiran & Samurai for Barfield

An elegant and extravagantly attired oiran or courtesan enticing a young samurai, with geisha, maiko and their attendant, tea-girl servant nearby. Decorative fireplace mantel tile art mural.

This painting is made up of and based on parts of Torii Kiyonaga’s “The Bush-Clover Garden” and Hosada Eishi’s “The Courtesan Takikawa” and integrates "artistic license" to create a unique blend of the two scenes.
Custom designed and hand painted on 6 inch ceramic tiles using real gold (not just gold colored paint), enamel and mother of pearl luster.
Dimensions are: 48 inches wide x 36 inches high.

Real gold is used on the courtesan’s hairpins and comb, parts of her obi and kimono. Mother of pearl (luster) is used on the white collar of her garments.

Real gold is used on all the hairpins, combs, obi’s of the geisha and kimono of the maiko. Enamel is also used on the obi of the geisha in foreground and mother of pearl (luster) on the white of her fan.

Real gold is used on the tea-girl’s hairpins and comb (along with some enamel), her obi and the decorative swirls of her kimono. Mother of pearl (luster) is used on the samurai’s sword handle.

Ukiyoe Samurai Oiran Geisha, oiran or courtesan enticing young samurai, with geisha, maiko, attendant, tea-girl. Painted tile mural by Julia Sweda.
Ukiyoe Courtesan & Samurai
Ukiyoe Samurai Oiran Geisha, detailed closeup of the elite courtesan Takikawa in her spectacular raiment and ornaments. Artist Julia Sweda.
Stunning Raiment & Ornaments
Ukiyoe Samurai Oiran Geisha, detailed closeup of the geisha, maiko and their attendant. Artist Julia Sweda.
Geisha Maiko & Attendant
Ukiyoe Samurai Oiran Geisha, detailed closeup of the young samurai and the tea-girl servant. Artist Julia Sweda.
Young Samurai & Tea-girl


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