Avellino Italy Old World Cartography & Map

Antique, historic map of Old World Avellino, Italy with banner, heraldry and site descriptions, locations of landmarks. Backsplash painted tile mural.

Tile painting is based on a historic Old World map of Avellino, Italy with customizations of family heraldry added.
On the original map the heraldry shields were blank. The client provided the ideas for the crests and insignia.
Numbered descriptors on the bottom of the map show locations for: Porta p Napoli, P.p Puglia, Dogana, Duomo, Pal. del Pnpe, Cappuccini, Domenicani, M di M Vergine, Francescanni, Molini, Stradone lungo unmiglio, Monte Vergine.
Custom designed and hand painted on 12 inch ceramic tiles.
Dimensions are: 36 inches wide x 24 inches high.

Avellino, Italy Old World Map painted tile mural, full view showing heraldry, family crest, locations, landmarks. Painted tile mural by Julia Sweda.
Old World Map Mural
Avellino, Italy Old World Map painted tile mural, original vintage map and cartography the painting design is based on. Artist Julia Sweda.
Original Map & Cartography
Avellino, Italy Old World Map painted tile mural, closeup installation with decorative border tiles. Artist Julia Sweda.
Installed 1
Avellino, Italy Old World Map painted tile mural, full kitchen view with tile mural as focal point. Artist Julia Sweda.
Installed 2


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