Provence La Maison & Ornate French Porcelain

Provence 'la maison' (house) portrait along with Limoges, Sevres and other ornate French porcelain ware designs. Custom designed backsplash tile mural and decorative tile art vignettes.

Rural Provence, France countryside house (la maison) portrait with very ornate, real gold, cartouche and decorative scrollwork surrounding the home scenery.
Background color of backsplash was blended to closely match and complement the “Bleu Francais” or French blue color option of a Lacanche range.
Additional tile art panels-vignettes featuring French porcelain ware designs such as Limoges, Sevres and others.
Dimensions of the main backsplash are: 96 inches wide x 60 inches high (96 tiles).
Optional tile art panels are comprised of one two-tile panel and two four-tile porcelain ware portraits.
Hand painted on 6 inch ceramic tiles.

Provence La Maison house portrait surrounded by Blue Francais background color, gold scrollwork. Artist Julia Sweda.
La Maison Mural
Left side closeup of backsplash mural shows detail of French blue background color, gold cartouche, scrollwork. Artist Julia Sweda.
Left Side Closeup
Closeup of mural right-side highlights detail of scrollwork, cartouche, red corn poppies and garden. Artist Julia Sweda.
Right Side Closeup
Outer left side two-tile panel has colorful flower bouquet inset on vase and lemons at base of vase. Artist Julia Sweda.
Vignette 1
Inner left side four-tile panel features pink flowers on vase, champagne cork-capsule at base of vase. Artist Julia Sweda.
Vignette 2
Right side four-tile panel has flowers on three porcelain pieces, champagne cork at base of right vase. Artist Julia Sweda.
Vignette 3


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"Julia was wonderful to work with, very accommodating and even matched my fabric colors and swatches for my clients kitchen backsplash."
-Mike B.

"Julia did an amazing job and is very busy. She communicated well with the list of wild flowers and pictures I sent her, of the blooms here at our home."
- Ann P.

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