Quimper Pottery Tile Art Portraits

Quimper-Breton style portraits designed for a decorative fireplace surround. Custom designed decorative tile art.

30 different Quimper faience styled portraits of people and life in a bygone era.
These tile art portraits were commissioned by an enthusiast and collector of fine French Quimper pottery and china, Breton figure type artworks.
Each portrait is hand painted on 6 inch matte ceramic tiles.

Quimper style tile art portraits installed as a decorative fireplace surround. Artist Julia Sweda.
Fireplace Surround
Detailed closeup of installed Quimper portrait tiles as a decorative fireplace surround. Artist Julia Sweda.
Installation Closeup
Woman hanging clothes to dry, two scenes of men playing musical instruments. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 1
Woman vendor selling chickens, woman and child with basket of fruit, fisherman with his nets and equipment. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 2
Loving sweetheart couple holding hands, milk maid with milk jug reclining while taking a break, two men drinking and telling stories. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 3
Mother and daughter relaxing on bench, young girl being entertained by her pet dog, two women making yarn balls by unwinding skein. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 4
Two women sifting wheat with sieves, man and woman filling water jug at well, mother walking down road with her two very young daughters. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 5
Woman filling jug at community running water well, barmaid serving a patron at pub, two drunk men having trouble walking and leaning on each other. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 6
Man and woman performing a formal dance, man smoking a tobacco pipe, man and two women practicing dance steps. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 7
Young maidens happily dancing with each other, mother pulling her children along in a small wagon, milkmaid has her donkey loaded down with loaded milk containers. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 8
Man and women patrons at the pub, vendor woman selling vegetables to potential buyer, crowned princess riding her majestic white horse. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 9
Woman at holy water bowl, father fisherman and daughter looking at catch for the day, young boy playing bagpipe as his young sister dances. Artist Julia Sweda.
Group 10


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