European Style Country Kitchen

European country, rural or farm scenery, along with Hungarian embroidery folk art tile designs. Decorative kitchen wall tiles and backsplash.

This is artist Julia Sweda’s kitchen. It features floor to ceiling wall tiles depicting European country, rural or farm scenery, along with folk art designs based on Hungarian embroidery.
Custom designed and hand painted decorative kitchen wall tiles and backsplash.
Hand painted on 6 inch ceramic tiles.
Approximately 750 tiles are used in the installation.
Every painted tile shown is hand painted by Julia and kiln fired in the superior traditional manner.
No decals, photo or computer transfers, sublimation or “special ink processes” were used.

European Style Country Kitchen. Full view of the kitchen with all of the decorative tiles, scenes and portraits shown. Artist Julia Sweda.
Full View of Kitchen
European Style Country Kitchen east wall. Blue and white Hungarian embroidery tile art designs and apples, strawberries, peaches vignettes. Artist Julia Sweda.
East Wall
European Style Country Kitchen south wall. Blue on white decorative folk art tiles, kitchen saying above window. Artist Julia Sweda.
South Wall
European Style Country Kitchen saying of...Bless This the Hungarian language.
Kitchen Saying
European Style Country Kitchen embroidery accent tiles. Designs painted in blue and white with some green, gold and red highlights.
Accent Tiles
European Style Country Kitchen cuisine spices. Freshly picked hanging garlic and paprika vignette.
Hanging Garlic and Paprika
European Style Country Kitchen, view of strawberries attached to leaves of the plant, vignette.
Strawberries Vignette
European Style Country Kitchen ducklings portrait. Vignette of adorable ducklings behind kitchen sink faucet. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Adorable Ducklings
European Style Country Kitchen goose portrait. Closeup of male goose painted on the island wall. Artist Julia Sweda.
Honking Goose
European Style Country Kitchen duck portrait. Closeup of male mallard duck and mouse vignette. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Mallard Duck and Mouse
European Style Country Kitchen. Backsplash with its barnyard birds, sheep, goats and thatched roof cottage home. Painted tile mural by Julia Sweda.
Main Backsplash
European Style Country Kitchen. Closeup view of the white country cottage with its thatched roof, well and laundry on the line. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Thatched Roof Cottage
European Style Country Kitchen. Farm draft horse in the field, vignette. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Draft Horse
European Style Country Kitchen. Geese, turkey, ducks, chickens roaming the property. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Livestock and Barnyard Birds
European Style Country Kitchen. Rooster portrait stove hood vent and backsplash. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Hood Vent Portrait
European Style Country Kitchen. Closeup of a proud rooster that adorns the tile stove hood vent and overlooks the kitchen. Painted by Julia Sweda.
Hood Vent Rooster


PO Box 8919
Catalina, AZ

(520) 825-3438
Daily: 10 AM to 8 PM
Arizona Time Zone


"Julia was wonderful to work with, very accommodating and even matched my fabric colors and swatches for my clients kitchen backsplash."
-Mike B.

"Julia did an amazing job and is very busy. She communicated well with the list of wild flowers and pictures I sent her, of the blooms here at our home."
- Ann P.

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