Wine and Cheese, Food Art Themed Decorative Kitchen Backsplash Art Tile Murals.

   Wine art and cheese, ethnic food art cuisines, themed kitchen murals, backsplash and decorative tiles. Kitchen tile paintings in custom vineyard labels, cellars, layout designs, ideas and painting styles from Artworks by Julia.

  The commissioned tile paintings shown below feature examples that were coordinated and developed with input and suggestions from the client to create tile art murals that have been fully customized just for them. Sized to fit their space requirements and complement their home décor, decorating, kitchen or backsplash remodeling.

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"Knapps Bounty" cornucopia with wine, cheese, tile mural from ArtworksbyJulia. "Vlahakis-Greek Theme" old world style tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"Knapp's Bounty" "Vlahakis - Greek Theme"
"Donnelli & Spaich Vineyards" wine, cheese still life tile murals from ArtworksbyJulia. "Pardo Vineyards" wine and cheese still life tile painting by Julia Sweda.
"Donnelli & Spaich Vineyards"
"Pardo Vineyards"
"Lyman Mead" wine and cheese theme old world style tile mural painting-ArtworksbyJulia. "Lyman's Cherub" still life wine and cheese tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"The Lyman Mead House" "Lyman's Cherub"
"Allison's Lyman's Cherub" wine cheese custom painted backsplash by Julia Sweda.
"Allison's Lyman's Cherub"
beautifully installed
"Botti-Italian Theme" wine, cheese kitchen backsplash from ArtworksbyJulia. "Sean's-Valencia Vineyards" swimming pool fountain tile murals by Julia Sweda.
"Botti - Italian Theme"
"Sean's Valencia Vineyards"
fountain exterior tiles-installed
"Grosse Pudel" wine and cheese food art tile mural from ArtworksbyJulia. "Wine, Oil, Lobster & Seafood" tile mural for backsplash-ArtworksbyJulia.
"Grosse Pudel"
installed behind stove niche
"Wine, Oil, Lobster & Seafood"
"Pondiccio's Bounty" wine, food art painting tile mural-ArtworksbyJulia. "Sharon's Mouse" wine art tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"Pondiccio's Bounty" "Sharon's Mouse"
"Christel's Food and Wine Art" tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"Christel's Food - Wine Art"
"Cardona's Bounty" wine and cheese tile murals from ArtworksbyJulia.
"Cardona's Bounty"
set - two murals
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   Please feel free to contact Julia with your questions or concerns about commissioning custom tile art. The consultation is free with no obligation. Julia can offer help and tips with planning and coordinating your tile art with your decor. Each step of the process will be discussed with you so that you will be comfortable in knowing you will get what you want. Custom tile art uniquely your own that you will be thrilled with and will be proud to display.


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