"Paulin's Pueblo Pottery Collection"
Each accent tile painting is based on photos of actual Pueblo pottery pieces owned by Mr. Paulin
from artists such as Maria Martinez, Popovi Da, Teresa Salvador, Russell Sanchez etc.

Custom designed decorative fireplace accent tiles.
Hand painted on 6 x 6 inch ceramic tile.

Ask Julia about making changes to, customizing any of her tile paintings
to fit your budget, available installation space and decor.
Julia's tile art can be used to decorate any room, kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower
or be used in exterior, out-of-doors applications.

Get a FREE, no obligation price quote, consultation
and "how to get started" information for tile art "uniquely your own."

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"Paulin's Pueblo Pottery Collection" installed fireplace accent tiles by Julia Sweda. 

"I thought you might be interested in seeing how the fireplace that I painted yesterday has turned out. Three of the pieces you used are on the “steps”, Cavan Gonzales, top step and left middle row of tiles, 2nd step is the Acoma pot, middle of the top row of tiles and the third step is Maria/Santana wedding vase, middle of the bottom row of tiles. If I was ever happy with “slow” progress, it was that the fireplace took longer than expected and gave you the time needed to complete the tiles!! Your work was timely and beautifully done." 
"Paulin's Pueblo Pottery Collection" fireplace accent tiles by Julia Sweda.
"Paulin's Pueblo Pottery Collection" accent tiles by Julia Sweda. 

                                                          1. San Ildefonso by Maria Martinez and Popovi Da.
                                                          2. Acoma by Teresa Salvador.
                                                          3. San Ildefonso by Maria Martinez and Santana Martinez.
                                                          4. San Ildefonso by Eric Fender.
                                                          5. San Ildefonso by Barbara Gonzales.
                                                          6. San Ildefonso by John Gonzales.
                                                          7. San Ildefonso by Russell Sanchez.
                                                          8. San Ildefonso by Adam and Santana Martinez, Barbara Gonzales.
                                                          9. San Ildefonso by Russell Sanchez.
                                                        10. San Ildefonso by Cavan Gonzales.
                                                        11. San Ildefonso by Russell Sanchez.

"Paulin's Pueblo Pottery Collection" paintings by Julia Sweda. 

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