"English Countryside Teddy Bears"
British teddy bears and curious native wildlife in the English countryside.

Custom designed decorative kitchen backsplash tile mural.
Hand painted on 6 x 6 inch ceramic tile.
Dimensions are: 54 inches wide x 36 inches high.

The scene includes the National bird, the robin, in English Oak and Hornbeam trees, Windsor Castle in the background. Native brown bears, red fox, fallow deer, red squirrel and an adorable hedgehog. British teddy bears left behind by a child fascinating the wildlife, wondering "what the heck are they"?

The unpainted tiles at the top will be cut by the tile installer to fit under and arch.

"English Countryside Teddy Bears" full tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"English Countryside Teddy Bears", European brown bears, red fox close-ups by Julia Sweda.
"English Countryside Teddy Bears", Fallow deer and red squirrel close-up by Julia Sweda.
"English Countryside Teddy Bears" European hedgehog close-up by Julia Sweda.
"English Countryside Teddy Bears" red breasted robin close-up by Julia Sweda.


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