Custom Hand Painted Tile Murals and Decorative Kitchen Tiles
Featuring French Culture and the Beauty, Scenery of France.

   Artist Julia Sweda, Artworks by Julia, offers the beauty of France and glimpses into French culture and history in custom designed kitchen tiles and decorative murals on tiles. Tile paintings that capture in vivid detail the lifestyles, scenery, landscapes and traditions of France. Scenes and portraits of country villages, cottages, farms, vineyards, storefronts, bistros, chateaus along with French ancestral, historical, heritage portraits and landmarks.

  The beautiful paintings below feature kitchen tiles and murals with a French motif Julia has been commissioned to paint. Each painting was coordinated and developed with input and suggestions from the client to create a decorative tile painting that has been fully customized just for them and their home décor, decorating and remodeling projects.

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"Provence Lavender Fields, France" tile mural by artist Julia Sweda. "Chateau de Sarzay, France" tile mural by artist Julia Sweda.
"Provence Lavender Fields" "Chateau de Sarzay"
"Provence Street Market" decorative kitchen tiles mural-ArtworksbyJulia. "Lis's French Market Scene" tile art paining by Julia Sweda.
"Provence Street Market"
"Lis's French Market Scene"
"Witts' Family Storefront" backsplash mural from ArtworksbyJulia. "Nicoll's French Storefront" backsplash tile mural from ArtworksbyJulia.
"Witts' Family Storefront"
installed stove backsplash
"Nicoll's French Storefront"
"Village of Burgundy" decorative kitchen tiles mural by Julia Sweda. "French Vineyard" tile mural by tile painting artist Julia Sweda.
"Village of Burgundy, France" "French Vineyard-Burgundy"
"Chateauneuf-du-Pape" French hand painted tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"Kittle's French Lavender Field View" hand painted tiles mural by Julia Sweda. "Miel de Lavandes & Huile d'Olive" hand painted French tile mural-Julia Sweda.
"Kittle's French Lavender Field View"
"Miel de Lavandes & Huile d'Olive"
"French Rococo-The Lady and Her Escort" blue and white tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"French Rococo-The Lady and Her Escort"
French blue and white kitchen backsplash tile mural
"Pont Alexandre III Bridge" Paris, France wall tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"Pont Alexandre III Bridge"
Pont Alexandre III bridge spanning the Seine
"Chateau de Chenonceau" blue on white hand painted tiles by Julia Sweda.
"Chateau de Chenonceau"
French landmark on the River Cher
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   Please feel free to contact Julia with your questions or concerns about commissioning custom tile art. The consultation is free with no obligation. Julia can offer help and tips with planning and coordinating your tile art with your decor. Each step of the process will be discussed with you so that you will be comfortable in knowing you will get what you want. Custom kitchen tiles and murals featuring the beauty of France and French culture. Decorative tile art that you will be thrilled with and will be proud to display.

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