"Ostrander's Sonoran Desert Animals-Huachuca Mountains"
Kitchen backsplash tile mural and a series of decorative accent tiles with
portraits of animals and birds found in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona.

Custom designed and hand painted on 4 x 4 inch ceramic tile.

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to fit your budget, available installation space and decor.
Julia's tile art can be used to decorate any room, kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower
or be used in exterior, out-of-doors applications.

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Kitchen backsplash tile mural portrait of the Huachuca Mountains, Southern Arizona
Huachuca Mountains, Southern Arizona.
Portraits of various Sonoran Desert rabbits, snakes and critters
Shown are: Cottontail rabbit, mule deer, long-nosed bat, black tailed jackrabbit,
gopher snake, desert tortoise, tarantula and Mojave rattlesnake.
Some of the birds of the Sonoran Desert
Shown are: raven, Pyrrhuloxia, coyote, Northern Harrier,
morning dove, Says Phoebe, house finch and curved bill thrasher.
Accent tiles show more birds of the Sonoran Desert
Shown are: Black chinned hummingbirds, cactus wren, western meadowlark, Kestrel Falcon, Rufous hummingbirds,
scaled quail, Gambel's quail, roadrunner, Lesser goldfinch and great horned owl.
"Ostrander's Sonoran Desert Animals-Huachuca Mountains" photo of installed tile mural
"Ostrander's Sonoran Desert Animals-Huachuca Mountains" backsplash tile mural and accent tiles. ArtworksbyJulia.com
"Ostrander's Sonoran Desert Animals-Huachuca Mountains" accent tiles

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