Decorative Tile Art Portraits, Peoples in Costume, Traditional Ethnic
Ancestry Garb, Dress, Clothes, Folkwear, Era Specific National Clothing.

   Artworks by Julia offers assorted custom designed and painted tile art portraits based on the works and illustrations of "The Complete Costume History" by Auguste Racinet.

  The historical portraits shown gives insights into the traditional ancestry dress, garb, folkwear and costumes of specific era cultures, social positions or standing. The clothes or national period clothing also reveals vocations or work performed by the people of the various nationalities of the era, European and colonial.

  Each tile painting portrait was hand painted by Julia on a single six inch ceramic tile. These tiles can be used or incorporated into a kitchen backsplash tile mural, fireplace, hearth surround accent tiles or anywhere decorative tiles are desired.

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"Dancing French Peasants" tile mural by Julia Sweda.
"Dancing French Peasants"
tile mural in sepia tones
"Carol's Country Kitchen Backsplash Accent Portrait Tiles" by Julia Sweda.
"Carol's Country Kitchen Accent Portrait Tiles"
"Street Vendor Woman-England" tile art portrait by Julia Sweda. "Woman Shrimper-England" tile portrait by Julia Sweda.
"Street Vendor Woman"
England 1
"Woman Shrimper"
England 2
"Formal Church Attire-Germany" tile art portrait from ArtworksbyJulia. "Woman Fruitseller-Germany and The Tyrol" portrait on tile by Julia Sweda.
"Formal Church Attire"
"Woman Fruitseller"
Germany and The Tyrol
"Woman of Early 19th Century Italy" traditional dress by Julia Sweda. "Costumes and Garb of Spain" portraits on decorative tiles from ArtworksbyJulia.
Italy Spain
"Women of Portugal" by Julia Sweda. "Highlander Woman-Scotland" dairymaid portrait by Julia Sweda.
Portugal Scotland
"Netherlands" era national clothing tile art from ArtworksbyJulia. "Country Woman-France" ethnic dress portrait from ArtworksbyJulia.
The Netherlands France
"Woman of Switzerland" traditional dress portrait by Julia Sweda. "Agricultural Workers-Africa" decorative tile portraits from ArtworksbyJulia.
Switzerland Africa
"Asiatic Turkomans-Turkey" clothes portraits by Julia Sweda. "Household Service Woman-Persia" custom decorative tile art-ArtworksbyJulia.
Turkey Persia
"Dancing Girl-India" 19th century traditional folkwear portrait-ArtworksbyJulia.
"Diane's Bouguereau" tile art emulation, reproduction by porcelain painter Julia Sweda.
"Diane's Bouguereau"
bathroom tile art emulation
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   Please feel free to contact Julia with your questions or concerns about commissioning custom tile art. The consultation is free with no obligation. Julia can offer help and tips with planning and coordinating your tile art with your decor. Each step of the process will be discussed with you so that you will be comfortable in knowing you will get what you want. Custom tile art uniquely your own that you will be thrilled with and will be proud to display.

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