"Vanessa's East Africa"
African-East Africa wildlife scenes in a California kitchen.
The scenes below are sections of a very large (16 foot long) tile mural.

Custom designed decorative backsplash mural on kitchen tile.
Hand painted on 6 x 6 inch ceramic tile.

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to fit your budget, available installation space and decor.
Julia's tile art can be used to decorate any room, kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower
or be used in exterior, out-of-doors applications.

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"East Africa-African Wildlife" mural on kitchen tile installation photos
See finished installation photos

 See zebras, giraffes and topis in their natural setting
Close-ups of zebras, giraffes and topis

The noble, sometimes comical African elephants
Close-ups of African elephants

Cheetah, African wild dog and a wrecked Range Rover
Close-ups of cheetah and African wild dog

Masai, cranes, gazelle and dung beetles!
Close-ups of Masai and others